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G5 massage

G5 massage ;  Is a rotation, vibration, massage, equipment, used in physiotherapy and improves the appearance of cellulite .


PRESSOTHERAPHY; Electronical air preasure machine which has the effect of lymphatic massage movements this is very good for swollen and tired legs and cellulite.


DERMALIFE ;  The new and sensational system of Hydrofusion,is powerful vortex of energy created through the combination of infrared heat and steam. This treats the mind body and soul feel re-born again!

Stone therapy

 STONE THERAPY; Using heated Volcanic stones travel around the energy path of body with helps to open the chakra doors to release negative energy helps to improve the body aura and self esteem.

Starvac vacum

 STARVAC VACUM The new technology for the treatment of cellulite to improve circulation ,and improve skin tone.

Jet blitz

JET BLITZ ; Heated and high pressured seawater jet is applied from a certain distance. Following lymphatic flow ways. Helps to improve blood circulation – very effective for cellulite.

Affusion massage

AFFUSION MASSAGE ; This is a hands on massage under a spray of heated seawater.For relaxation and blood circulation.

Balneotherapy bath

Balneotherapy bath ;  A bath tub containing heated seawater reinforced with aromatic oils. This form of underwater massage is benificial for blood pressure, reducing rheumatism pains, cellulite, stress, relaxing and slimming.